Waning Fortunes

H4 Gaining a Foothold

The party have thrown in their lot with a Halfling named Paddy Sackville who is eager to overthrow a local criminal kingpin by the name of Jack Fix. They have already made their first moves; stealing a valuable set of armour from the crime lord and killing one of his protection money collectors.

They next decide to undermine Jack Fix’s drug operations. Posing as drug addicts, the party purchase a large quantity of Jack’s merchandise over a few weeks, and begin to sell in more up market parts of town for a much cheaper price. Although this quickly drains the party coffers, it also makes the more wealthy (and influential) citizens of Silvershoal complain loudly to the usually ineffectual watch that their parts of the city have been flooded with drugs and the scum that this attracts.

The corrupt watch are forced to take action, as they know full well who runs the drug trade, but have been paid off to turn a blind eye as long as Jack keeps his business restricted to the Shellflats and the Slippery Slope. They put pressure on Jack Fix’s territory while cleaning up the richer areas. While Jack looks for a possible leak in his drug supply, the party take the opportunity to raid his stash house, killing his guards and stealing a hefty supply of drugs and gold.



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