Waning Fortunes

Gaining a Foothold Part 2

While laying low from their recent raid on Jack’s safe house, the party attempt to recruit some local elves into their cause. While searching for elves they discover Snotnose Jimmy Woodborn and Raggedy Annie Woodborn two urchins that agree to be the party’s eyes and ears for a price. They also lead them to recruiting Rufus The Cudge Woodborn and his offsiders Freddo, Lox and Shivvy With the aid of their new recruits the party continue to undermine Jack Fix’s operations; deciding to take out the muscle of his operation, a brutal and sadistic half orc by the name of Borkham Hamhands they are successful, but repercussions are swift and “The Cudge” and his crew are ambushed and left beaten nearly to death. When the party go to visit their allies they are in turn ambushed and after a bloody fight barely escape with their lives.

Although the party have scored some major victories against Jack, the last fight left their identities exposed, nearly half the Shellflats would now know them by sight. They have publically declared war on the crime lord of the Shellflats and the Slippery Slope.



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