Waning Fortunes

H10 The Grande Lottery

Silvershoal’s efforts to construct the Great Western Road have met with trial and tribulation, and the city may run out of funds for the project. In desperation, a young but popular noble (Baron Ember) proposes a city wide lottery to raise funds. The party immediately begin plans to undermine the lottery, preferably by stealing both the revenue raised and the prize money.

With an inner circle of the thieves’ guild the party plan the robbery. Using the doppelgangers Staligo and Hark, as well as a few hats of disguise purchased especially for the task, the party kidnap and replace Baron Etrimus Ember and his retainers (with the assistance of the Baron’s new best friend – Lord Baleish). They then infiltrate the Ember family manor house where the lottery money is being held. A night time burglary goes wrong mid heist, and the party are forced to flee the keep while restraining the Barons family and fighting off members of the Wyrmguard. In a desperate cart chase through the city, the party manages to get away with all of the lottery takings and the prize money.

In order to keep up appearances that the robbery was perpetuated by fleeing Baron Ember, the Baron becomes a casualty of the plot. His body is buried deep within the sewers under the city.

When news of the robbery reaches the public the citizens of Silvershoal are furious. Not believing that his son could possibly be the culprit, but forced to save face (and quell a riot in the Shellflats) Ember Senior pays the prize money so the lottery can conclude, impoverishing his family and heralding the doom of the Great Western Road.



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