Waning Fortunes

H5 War in the Shellflats

After springing an ambush set by Jack Fix the party hide out under a pier south of the Docks District. They are soon found by Shucker Bill, who tells them of an old stormwater drain that he cleared out in his adventuring days that may serve as a place to hold up and lick their wounds. After a battle with the bugbear inhabitants (and taking mercy on a baby bugbear)the party have gained a new safe house.

The Cudge and his men recover with the party, while “Snotface” Jimmy Woodborn and Raggedy Annie bring them supplies and feed them information on what is going on in the city.

In the next few days a number of things happen. The party discover that Jack’s men are on a rampage… any elf seen on the streets near the Shellflats is beaten and questioned. Many elves have fled fr their lives, but the poorest and most desperate have nowhere to go, so are eventually delivered to the party through Shucker Bill. Who tells them since it is their fault the elves are now homeless it is their responsibility to take care of them.

In the next few days the party are informed that Lord Baleish’s house has been burnt down and he has disappeared. It seems that Jack has eventually made the connection that “Mr Gold” was posing as Baleish’s manservant while visiting the Playhouse.

Once the party has recovered they decide that it is time to avenge Baleish, and so plot to kidnap Madame Jade to undermine Jack’s prostitution racket. After the Cudge and his men pose as the party and feign an attack on the Playhouse, the party sneak in though the upper floor and flee with the portly madam.

What they can trade for Madame Jade remains to be seen…



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