Waning Fortunes

H7 Gaining Control

The party have defeated Jack and usurped his power in the Shellflats, but now must work hard to gain control of the streets. They quickly beat rampaging thugs into submission, and over the next month patrol the streets at night to make sure the area at least gets back to a semblance of safety. During these patrols they come across the old prisoner from the Crimcooper Mines; Muddy, and his doppelganger companions Stilago and Hark. They have recently escaped the mines and are down on their luck, so quickly agree to join the party’s new order.

Paddy, having been found beaten and tortured in Jack’s Lair, agrees to help act as a fence for the party, but no longer wants to run things due to the danger involved. Six elven waifs are trained up to competent standards in the first month, and also join with the party. They occasionally get sent out on capers with Muddy acting as the brains behind their efforts.

Despite all of the organisation going on, the party realise that money is coming out of the coffers far faster than it is coming in. What they are going to do about this remains to be seen.



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