Waning Fortunes

H8 Hunting for Dragons

The newly established guild is suffering a serious cash flow problem, and what better way to get some quick gold is there than taking a dragon’s hoard? Consulting a map of the underdark they once took from some defeated dark dwarves that notes “dragons”; the party make their way back underground in the hopes of finding riches.

What they find is a dark dwarf conspiracy to spread the Wrymplague – a particularly nasty magical plague that only effects dragons. The party intercept the delivery of diseased mountain goats, and instead deliver them as a tribute themselves. Some fast talking convinces the dragon that the party is a little too devout, and (long since sick of his puny goblin minions) forces the party into a fight to the death with his existing followers. The party easily win, and are forced into menial chores while the dragon, gorged on plagued goat, grows sicker every day.

The party, not content to let the plague take its course, find increasingly vile things to feed the dragon. It devours troglodyte corpses with out complaint, but finally succumbs to meat laced with enough hallucinogenic mushrooms to kill an elephant. The dragon commands the party to take a message to his sire to seek aid, but the party instead finish him off and steal his treasure.

Not content with a dragon’s hoard, the party go off to raid a troglodyte city, stealing the gems from the eyes of their dragon skeleton idol. They barely make it out alive, but with a king’s ransom in treasure they decide to call it a day and return to Silvershoal.



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