Waning Fortunes

H9 Raiders of the 50 Mile Marsh

The party have returned to the city of Silvershoal much richer than they had left. They promptly go on a spending spree for the thieves’ guild; buying a warehouse, recruiting more thugs and paying a substantial bribe to the watch to leave them alone while they do business.

Aurellia grows bored with city life and again returns to the 50 Mile Marsh. Unbeknownst to the rest of the party, her guerrilla war with the Silvershoal construction teams has escalated to the point where adventurers are being called in to protect the workers.

At this point Aurellia comes clean with the others, and seeks out their help. The party begin to seriously undermine the construction of the “Great West Road” in a number of ways;

  • The party pose as adventurers who are hired to “protect” a work crew. A series of unfortunate accidents and attacks leave only one of the crew left alive.
  • The party track down the Lizardfolk which are native to the marsh, and they agree to support the party’s efforts with supplies and information.
  • The party raid work gangs and engineering crews when opportunities present themselves.
  • The party work with the lizardfolk to lure adventuring parties into areas where the largest monsters of the marsh dwell. They kill of two other adventuring groups this way.
  • The party ambush the most powerful adventuring group that enters the marsh and kill them all.



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