Waning Fortunes

Jack's Lair Part 2

The party fight their way deep into Jack’s hideout, and after facing heavy resistance find an unlikely ally. A letter attached to an arrow reveals that “The Scav” thinks that he is on the losing team, and he is prepared to betray Jack for a place in their new operation.

If the party withdraw, the Scav will convince Jack that his hideout is no longer safe, and that they should withdraw to his ship, the Windskipper. Here they can attack Jack with his guard down. After a quick discussion the severely wounded party decide to leave and give the Scav a chance.

Soon after the party perform a midnight raid on Jack’s ship (with the aid of Shucker Bill) and the Scav is as good as his word. He even manages to backstab Jack before swimming to safety. The fight is quick and bloody, with the resulting fire sinking the Windskipper. Although severely burned and trapped below decks, Jack manages to escape by smashing a hole in the ships timbers.

The party have destroyed Jack’s organisation, but do they have what it takes to build their own in its place? Only time will tell.


We are good to go for Dan Con on Friday 20th – 21st – 22nd.

Jack's Lair Part 2

DanCon is a go… I repeat, DanCon is a go.

Jack's Lair Part 2

Now all we have to do is get in contact with Sam….

Jack's Lair Part 2

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