Mother Grindella; Priestess of Erathis

A elderly healer and cleric of Erathis


Age: Early sixties

Sex: Female


Grindella is a wandering cleric of Erathis who often makes the journey to Whiteoak and to the camps beyond. Far from a preacher, she instead brings the doctrines of her church through healing the sick (both animals and people) and offering words of wisdom when need be.

Appearance: Grindella is hunch backed and portly, with a large nose and half moon spectacles. She is obviously of advanced years, but moves in an energetic (if slightly stiff) manner. She is seldom without her shawl, stout walking stick and donkey.

Personality: Grindella is friendly, good natured and honest, and has a cheery outlook despite what obstacles are thrown in her path. She takes her time in most things (complaining of old age) and is too busy to stop at a local house for a cup of tea and a chat if offered.

Quote: “We have to help each other, because it’s all we have in the end”.

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to impose… maybe just a quick cup… and some of those nice jam biscuits that you bake”.

Mother Grindella; Priestess of Erathis

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