Medreg Borgenz: Sheriff of Whiteoak

The fat, violent and corrupt Sheriff of Whiteoak


Age: Mid Thirties Sex: Male


Medreg is technically the Sheriff of Whiteoak, but he is so lazy, corrupt and brutal that he could almost be considered a bandit. He keeps the peace in town by maintaining an intricate network of blackmail and bribes; everybody pays him just enough to get him and his brute squad to leave them alone, while richer members of the town can pay to have most indiscretions ignored. Outsiders are treated with suspicion until such time as Medreg can dig up some dirt on them or get them to play ball. The townsfolk would probably rise up against Medreg years ago if it was not for his connections to nobillity and his curious abillity to keep the bandit raids on the town to a minimum.

Appearance: Medreg is a fat, slovenly, balding tiefling of average height. Despite the years of excess that have led to his sagging frame, there is still muscle under the fat, and a fearless expression in his eyes that implies that he may use it if pushed. His expensive but worn clothing is stained with the reminants of long forgotten food and ale.

Personality: Medreg is an arrogant bully, loud and swaggering. He has a high opinion of himself and the power to back up the threats that he frequently makes. At the same time he is also lazy, so may let disgressions slide if they are too much effort to enforce. Dealing with Medreg is always a delicate balance between appealing to lasyness and avoiding his wrath.

Quote: “You’re new around here, so let me tell you how things are”.

“Well, it looks like you’re shitting up the river this time… if only you had a friend in the law to help you out”.

Medreg Borgenz: Sheriff of Whiteoak

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