Smedley Panhandle: Odds and Sods merchant

A travelling merchant


Age: Mid Fifties

Sex: Male


Smedley and his tottering and overstuffed mule cart are regular visitors to Whiteoak and the Crimcooper mines, bringing pots and pans, climbing and mining equipment, sweets, mead, wine, clothing shoes and a variety of other odds and sods he can carry along mule track from Silvershoal. The distinct cry of “Odds and Sods!” followed by crys proclaiming whatever else he has for sale at the moment is a frequently heard sound in these settlements.

Appearance: Smedley is a rake thin, rat-like little man in rumpled, travel worn clothes that has surprisingly good reflexes if the need arises. He constantly nods his over sized and balding head while listening, and has a tendency to talk with much gusto and gesticulation.

Personality: Smedley is generally a positive and friendly man who has refined the art of making the sale, he is happy to haggle, but will most likely bring up his army of starving children in the process.

Quote: “Odds and Sods! Buckles and boots! Tasty sweet meats from across the sea!”

Smedley Panhandle: Odds and Sods merchant

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