Grudd Crimcooper: Leader of the Crimcooper Dwarves

The large, hunched, foul mouthed and bad tempered leader of clan Crimcooper


Age: Middle Aged

Sex: Male


Grudd is the Clanleader of the Crimcoopers, and as such is the boss of the mine, and all who work it.

Appearance: To put it simply, Grudd is hideously ugly. He is large (for a dwarf), hunched, filthy and stinking. His wiry brown hair and beard jut out in all directions, and do little to conceal a pockmarked face featuring a bulbous, warty nose. He wears a greasy heirloom of a breastplate as a mark of his station.

Personality: Grudd is as foul tempered, mean spirited and penny pinching as the rest of his clan. If his ore wasn’t so important to Whiteoak he probably would have been run out of town years ago. He has no redeeming features that anyone but his clan would know about.

Quote: “Get off my land!”.

“Ach! The lads are only havin’ a bit o’ fun! It’s not like yer daughter was a blushin’ virgin anyway ”.

Grudd Crimcooper: Leader of the Crimcooper Dwarves

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