Chinless Puck: Bully of the Crimcooper Mines

The cruel, not too bright and thuggish bully of the Crimcooper Mines


Age: Late Twenties Sex: Male


If the prisoners of the Crimcooper Mines had a leader, the brutish Puck would be it. What he says goes with the other prisoners, and he generally has the muscle and the toadies to back him up. The guards usually turn a blind eye to his bullying as long as the work gets done (or even worse, encourage him for entertainment value). Puck is one of the handful of hardened criminals in the mines, facing a lifetime of hard labour for murder.

Appearance: At over six feet tall and weighing well over 100kgs, Puck is a big boy. He is hunched over from his time in the mines, and sports a sizable gut from taking more than his share of the meager food on offer to prisoners. He is scarred, caloused and not particularly pretty. He also seems to be completely without a chin, which is how he got the nickname of “Chinless Puck” which noone ever uss to his face.

Personality: Puck is lazy, cruel and a consumate bully. He will never do a days work if he can get away with it – forcing other prisoners to do his share when not supervised by the Crimcooper guards.

Quote: “You what?!?”.

“Why should you do it? Because if you don’t I’ll kick you in the face, that’s why”.

Chinless Puck: Bully of the Crimcooper Mines

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