Modron Borgenz

The wealthy, scheming faded aristocrat.


Age: Mid Thirties Sex: Male


Role: Modron is the younger brother to the bullying sheriff Medreg and (with his brother) holds ancestral claim to Whiteoak and the surronding lands (they are technically counts, serving the Duke of Silvershoal). He is just as interested in gaining personal power, although he seeks his through wealth not brutality. Modron is easily the richest person in Whiteoak, he acts as the town bank, funding loans and securing valuables for the townsfolk. Most of the permanent residents of Whteoak owe him money, mainly because of severe flooding that took place last summer which destroyed much of the town. He is rarely seen in town, choosing to entertain guest in his decaying manse on the towns outskirts. He seems to be content to let the town run itself, as long as his repayments arrive regularly and no unforseen problems arise.

Appearance: Modron is tall, slim and cuts a dashing figure in slightly outdated but expensive garb that favours blacks and deep reds. His hands and horns are adorned with golden rings and precious stones.

Personality: Modron is soft spoken, charming and eloquent; although his devilish appearance tends to diminish his allure. He is a strategic thinker, and an intelligent diplomat if the need arises.

Quote: “The village is not on fire, as I would see the flames from here. Yet you are still upon my doorstep at this time of night? This better be good”.

Modron Borgenz

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