Gurn Greyboot

A battered veteran adventurer of some reputation


Age: Late Fifties Sex: Male


Gurn Greyboot (Slayer of the one eyed beast of Blackwell, savior of Piddler’s Cross and retriever of the Ruby Eye of Kalamosh) is a recent arrival to the town of Whiteoak, being recently pulled out of a inglorious retirement where he spent his days haunting the cheaper wine halls of Silvershoal. Based on his (former) reputation he has been tasked with creating an Adventurers Guild in Whiteoak. The guild is little more that a stone pillar with a few wanted ads on it at the moment, with Gurn running the organisation from the taproom of the Wolf and Maiden.

Appearance: Gurn is a weathered, battered looking man that looks closer to seventy than his actual age and is smaller than his reputation would imply, . He bears the scars and badly set bones of a long life of adventuring, including a particularly nasty acid burn that covers him from the left side of the neck down (this is from the dragon that killed the rest of his party and ended his adventuring career). His hair is long, silver and tied back in a neat ponytail, and his eyes are a icy blue that can stare the average person into stammering honesty.

Personality: Gurn has seen a lot of things in his life and has learnt much. He is straight talking but still well spoken, having a tendency to see through falsehoods and cut to the chase. Gurn’s ex-adventurer status make him a popular man, and he is likable and friendly enough if not crossed. He does not talk about his adventuring days and has not had alcohol since arriving at Whiteoak (which makes his working from the Wolf and Maiden difficult). He is determined to do the best job he can for the town; seeing this as a chance for a new beginning. Gurn has the tendency to ramble in series of clichés when angered.

Quote: “I may look like I just fell off the turnip wagon but I’ve been around the block a few times – how about you come clean”.

“Fortune favors the brave, but the foolish furnish the grave”.

Gurn Greyboot

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