Carric "Jinx"

A sly and light weight elf who carries a bow as big as he is


Carric is the only son of hopeful elven scholars who came to Silvershoal to learn the ways of humans. Unfortunately they quickly learned that humans can be brutal and opportunistic, and Carric found himself orphaned on the streets of the Slippery Slope. Carric soon learned to adapt to life on the streets… realising that gold was king, he was constantly on the lookout for the next opportunity to become rich but rarely had enough to afford a meal.

When Carric met a homeless and destitute eldarin named Ariethlan he showed rare compassion and took him in, seeing him as a “cousin to elves” that could teach him more about his forgotten heritage. Unfortunately they were captured by the watch on their first adventure together, and hauled off to the Crimcooper Mines for an attempted robbery.

Carric "Jinx"

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