A savage and rebellious elven ranger


She stayed with them through the desire and need of security and peace that only comes from companionship. But it wasn’t always like this.

She left home on the heels of an angry mob.

To all appearances she was a stinking beggar. Tattered clothes, hair cropped short by her own hand, pink skin peaking through in random places, plastered to her head by an eternity of sweat and filth. Beneath the rags was a body shaped by a life on the run. Long, lean limbs, muscles tight and sinewy. She was in a constant state of alertness, although to the observer she was anything but. It was her connection to the cat, sleek and like the shadows, ever watchful.

She was primal, fought hand, tooth and nail for survival. It was her belief that if a job needed to be done the blood should be on your hands and yours alone. It was this belief that had gotten her here in the first place.

Her heart was too soft and easily stolen. It was the forest that she loved. Its grey dappled light dancing on her face as she sat in pensive thought. The sound of the wind dancing through the giggling leaves high above. The silken trunks of the wizened trees. But industry came and took away the forest and with it a piece of Aurelia’s heart. A red cloud of rage followed, to an orchestra of bomb blasts. She blew up the foresters headquarters, in hope of stalling all works. She knew that her actions would not be welcomed with open arms by her people, forever quiet and peaceful, content to sit back and watch life pass them by. And so it was with their rage hot and stinking on her heels that she fled into the mountains…


Auerelia was born and raised in a tribe of elves that live deep in the Ramswood. In the last few years loggers entered the territory of these peaceful, nature loving folk and Auerelia, ever the wild child, pleaded with the elves to take a stand. After much pontificating she grew impatient with the other elves and began to attack the loggers herself; brutally slaying a small party of them as a warning to any that would enter her forest.

This infuriated the loggers and disgusted the elves. Auerelia found herself exiled from her home and hunted by humans – fleeing to the mountains she discovered a way into the Underdark, and decided as there was nothing for her above, to try her luck below.


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