Grok Bloodhunter

A hulking and savage barbarian tracker dressed in dirty furs.


Grok is a mercenary from Hellshold who is partnered with the mage Artak.

Appearance: Grok is nearly seven feet tall, had long and dirty blond har which is working it’s way towards being dreadlocks. His body is heavy with muscle, although he is developing a bit of a paunch from good city living.

Personality: Grok lets his weapon do most of the talking, he is brutal and savage but can be quiet cunning when forced to use his brain.

Quote: “Gwaaaarrrrrrg!!!- Grok samsh!!!”.


Personality: Artak is arrogant and smarmy, which probably is fitting since he can suck the soul out of people with a few arcane words.

Quote: “You must be important indeed for someone to pay so much for your death”.

“I give you my word as a professional killer, for what it is worth”.

Grok Bloodhunter

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