Lord Baleish

A well dressed Tiefling noble


This handsome, tiefling is dressed in expensive (if slightly worn) clothing and speaks with an educated air. While he is technically a noble, he has fallen on hard times and makes a living off of scamming travellers that are new to Silvershoal.

Having been caught red handed, he was held prisoner in his own basement until the party came to an agreement with him, employing him as their noble face.

Baleish disappeared when members of Jack Fix’s gang burnt his house down. He has recently resurfaced, drunken and destitute in the Shellflats.

The party have decided to raise him even beyond his former lifestyle to act as their eyes and ears in more civilised circles – he now dresses and acts as the “Baron” that he technically is… if they can keep him away from the booze.


Lord Baleish

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