Paddy Sackville

A little guy with big ambitions


Despite being in his mid twenties Paddy uses a walking cane and has a noticeable limp (caused by Jack Fix a few years ago). Despite this he is still very light on his feet. He wears nondescript clothing of grey and deep browns that blend easily into the urban environment. His hair is a sandy blonde and his eyes are sharp and crystalline green.


Paddy grew up on the streets and did what he had to to survive, which included pick pocketing and burglary. He was partners with Jack Fix for a few years before an argument ended with his kneecap getting shattered.

Now Paddy dreams of power and riches, all the while jealous of Jacks rise to power. If only he could find some muscle that would help him achieve his big dreams…

Paddy Sackville

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