Waning Fortunes

H5 War in the Shellflats

After springing an ambush set by Jack Fix the party hide out under a pier south of the Docks District. They are soon found by Shucker Bill, who tells them of an old stormwater drain that he cleared out in his adventuring days that may serve as a place to hold up and lick their wounds. After a battle with the bugbear inhabitants (and taking mercy on a baby bugbear)the party have gained a new safe house.

The Cudge and his men recover with the party, while “Snotface” Jimmy Woodborn and Raggedy Annie bring them supplies and feed them information on what is going on in the city.

In the next few days a number of things happen. The party discover that Jack’s men are on a rampage… any elf seen on the streets near the Shellflats is beaten and questioned. Many elves have fled fr their lives, but the poorest and most desperate have nowhere to go, so are eventually delivered to the party through Shucker Bill. Who tells them since it is their fault the elves are now homeless it is their responsibility to take care of them.

In the next few days the party are informed that Lord Baleish’s house has been burnt down and he has disappeared. It seems that Jack has eventually made the connection that “Mr Gold” was posing as Baleish’s manservant while visiting the Playhouse.

Once the party has recovered they decide that it is time to avenge Baleish, and so plot to kidnap Madame Jade to undermine Jack’s prostitution racket. After the Cudge and his men pose as the party and feign an attack on the Playhouse, the party sneak in though the upper floor and flee with the portly madam.

What they can trade for Madame Jade remains to be seen…

Gaining a Foothold Part 2

While laying low from their recent raid on Jack’s safe house, the party attempt to recruit some local elves into their cause. While searching for elves they discover Snotnose Jimmy Woodborn and Raggedy Annie Woodborn two urchins that agree to be the party’s eyes and ears for a price. They also lead them to recruiting Rufus The Cudge Woodborn and his offsiders Freddo, Lox and Shivvy With the aid of their new recruits the party continue to undermine Jack Fix’s operations; deciding to take out the muscle of his operation, a brutal and sadistic half orc by the name of Borkham Hamhands they are successful, but repercussions are swift and “The Cudge” and his crew are ambushed and left beaten nearly to death. When the party go to visit their allies they are in turn ambushed and after a bloody fight barely escape with their lives.

Although the party have scored some major victories against Jack, the last fight left their identities exposed, nearly half the Shellflats would now know them by sight. They have publically declared war on the crime lord of the Shellflats and the Slippery Slope.

H4 Gaining a Foothold

The party have thrown in their lot with a Halfling named Paddy Sackville who is eager to overthrow a local criminal kingpin by the name of Jack Fix. They have already made their first moves; stealing a valuable set of armour from the crime lord and killing one of his protection money collectors.

They next decide to undermine Jack Fix’s drug operations. Posing as drug addicts, the party purchase a large quantity of Jack’s merchandise over a few weeks, and begin to sell in more up market parts of town for a much cheaper price. Although this quickly drains the party coffers, it also makes the more wealthy (and influential) citizens of Silvershoal complain loudly to the usually ineffectual watch that their parts of the city have been flooded with drugs and the scum that this attracts.

The corrupt watch are forced to take action, as they know full well who runs the drug trade, but have been paid off to turn a blind eye as long as Jack keeps his business restricted to the Shellflats and the Slippery Slope. They put pressure on Jack Fix’s territory while cleaning up the richer areas. While Jack looks for a possible leak in his drug supply, the party take the opportunity to raid his stash house, killing his guards and stealing a hefty supply of drugs and gold.

H2 Escape from the Underdark

After choosing to be lost in the Underdark over returning to the Crimcooper Mines, Ariethlan, Jinx and Argus delve further underground. Following the trail of the Duergar party they come across a decimated Kobold village infested with Carrion Crawlers (where they find a map… unfortunately with directions in Dwarvish) , flee a rampaging Purple Worm, meet with an opportunistic Duergar trader named Castagar and visit glittering crystal caverns before running into a Duergar hunting party.

During the fight, the party is aided Auerelia, an elf ranger who has been captured by the Duergar but has manages to break free in the confusion. Her and her panther companion join the party in their quest to reach the surface.

After days more of navigating tunnels the party reach the surface, but not before ’Arry breaks his leg in a fall and the party are forced to fight an enraged Cave Bear.

Exiting a cave overlooking the Ramswood below, the party decide to make their way to the city of Silvershoal where they hope that criminals and exiles such as themselves can go unnoticed.

At this point Argus leaves the party, saying he has a score to settle with the noble who cheated him out of an inheritance and got him thrown in gaol.

NPCs met Castagar: Duergar Merchant

H1 Cave-in at the Crimcooper Mines

After an extended stay in solitary confinement the Eldarin Ariethlan (or “’arry” to the prisoners too uneducated to pronounce his name) is summoned to help save the lives of prisoners trapped in a cave-in. Using his power to shift between spaces, Ariethlan bypasses the cave-in and commences rescuing a number of prisoners, including Argus (a hulking Draconian fighter) and Carric (an Elf rogue). They proceed to rescue other trapped prsoners, along the way fighting a hungry carrion crawler and some shadowhunter bats.

After discovering that some of the prisoners are in fact doppelgangers in disguise (the hard way), the party and the doppel gangers eventually fight each other to a standstill (with more than a little help from “Muddy”, the last surviving prisoner), and discover that the cave-in was deliberate, and part a plot to invade the Crimcooper Mines from below. The party and the doppelgangers share information, and it is agreed that the party will continue down below to fight the Duergar scouting party that plan to invade, and the doppelgangers will assume the identities of the party and go above in the hopes of making an escape. Muddy agrees to try his luck with the Doppelgangers rather than face certain death below.

The party make their way further below and ambush the Duergar camp. After a particulailly tough battle they are victorious, and have enough supplies to survive down below for a few weeks. Hopefully they can find an exit to the surface before they run out of food.

NPCs Met


Stiligo & Hark


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