The humans do majority of the lumber-jacking up stream where ancient white oaks can be found. Once felled the trees are branded by the company which logged them and sent down river to our town so they can be milled (mostly into planks for ship building) and then sent further down river on barges.

The halflings have developed a support industry for the logging. From the logging camp Whiteoak the halflings ‘insure’ the logs that float downriver. For a small fee, the halflings protect the logs from snags in the river, break up logjams and stop unscupulous loggers from rebranding lumber. If any logs which are insured are lost, their value is refunded by the halfling cooperative. The cooperative collects the insurance money, and pays half of this to any halfling that successfully brings in a log to our town.

The poorest halflings don’t even use a boat, and ride down the river on the massive oak logs. This work is highly dangerous and requires fast reflexes, as a halfling that is too slow can easilly be crushed between logs or fall off and drown. These halflings are called “Loghoppers”, but the term is sometimes extended to all halflings in the river trade.

Once the logs are processed at the Whiteoak sawmill, halflings and humans that are wealthy enough to own river boats ship this to Silvershoal down river. The halfling co op does not run this side of the business, and competition for shipping contracts can be fierce.

An Example of the White Oak logged up stream. Ancient oak


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