Naming Conventions

Those Bastards!
While last names are many and varied amongst the various races of Ronumland, ranging from the practical (“Stonecutter” for a dwarve’s profession, or “Bakerson” for the son of a baker etc.) to the descriptive (Formane: “Friend to Dwarves and Slayer of Giants”) there is one convention that has taken amongst all civilised races. This is the naming of unwanted bastards, orphans and the clanless.

The following are the standard last names of these individuals:

Human: “Trailchild”

Elf: “Forestborn”

Dwarf: “Thunderchild”

Halfing: “Rivergift”

Eldarin: “Wanderfar”

Tiefling: “Flamechild”

Half Orc: “The Bastard” (or whatever they like… depending on how mean they are)

Naming Conventions

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