The Crimcooper Mines

The Mine

The Crimcooper mines are a complex of underground chambers carved out of rocky ground by the Crimcooper dwarves. The mines are primarily a source of copper, but contain some iron and a rare trace of low quality malachite. The mines are practically played out, and would most likely be abandoned by the Crimcooper clan if they had any other options. Work within the mine is very hard, with the clan being forced to dig deeper and through increasingly stonier ground to eke out what ore deposits they can.

Some of the lower parts of the mine are flooded with water polluted from the smelting processes that take place above. The air is also generally foul and cloying.

The Surrounding area

Around the entrance to the mine stands a collection of old stone and ramshackle wood buildings. These building serve as accommodation to the clan and their workers, and also feature a large smelting and refining complex which prepares the rough ore for commercial uses. A small stable for the mines ten or so pack donkeys add to the areas already formidable stench. The area is generally dirty, rough and more reminiscent of an orc camp than an organised dwarven holdfast.

The People

The Crimcoopers are a clan of about thirty dwarves who have mined the area since before the last great cataclysm. Although they claim to be from great ancestry, they are generally foul tempered, brutish and a little inbred; they spend much of their time cursing their mine, their ill luck and anything else that comes to mind. Despite this they work hard at their mine and expect anyone working for them to do the same.

There are approximately fifty non dwarves that work the mines, but very few are here by choice. Many are debtors who the ruling Teiflings have sold off as indentured workers until they pay what is owed. Some have been sentenced to hard labor in distant and more civilised towns. Regardless of their history, life tends to be hard and sold cheaply in the mines, with many dying from cave-ins, red lung or over work before their time is served.

Because of the dismal life that these people lead, they tend to make the most of their trips to civilisation. When a donkey train brings ingots and rough copper tools into Whitoak the Crimcoopers generally get roaring drunk and commit all manner of crimes in the name blowing off steam.

NPCs of Note

Grudd Crimcooper

Chinless Puck

The Crimcooper Mines

Waning Fortunes Eyebeast