The Fifty Mile Marsh

The large, freshwater marsh begins with a flooded forest to the west, that becomes more open wetland as it spreads east. The sodden ground contains many submerged sinkholes, and native beasts large enough to consider travellers a meal.

At some point far in history, the marsh must have been home to a large civilisation. Various sunken ruins pepper the deepest regions of the marsh, and there are many tales of the strange beasts that now inhabit these.

Due to the major demand for lumber in Silvershoal major work has begun on building a high road that will cut through the marsh from east to west. The more this road pushes west, the more delays there seems to be. Monsters native to the marsh are becoming more aggressive, and harder to scare off. Shipments of stone mysteriously disappear. Superstitious workers are beginning to mutter amongst themselves that the whole project is cursed.

Morava s flooded forest 02

Fresh water marsh

The Fifty Mile Marsh

Waning Fortunes Eyebeast