Once a tiny forest village that has recently undergone a boom due to the discovery of a nearby grove of rare trees ideal for shipbuilding, Whiteoak is a small town with big ambitions and many factions seeking the upper hand.

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A: Borgenz Hall- the Whiteoak Keep

B: Lumber Overseer’s Office

C: Ramswood Allgoods Emporium- general store, supplies

D: Lufflin’s Fine Furs and Leathergoods

E: Smithy

F: Adventurer Guildhall The Grower’s Headsman, Tarn Brintstal, and prominent merchant Olgia Wildflame (proprietess of the Wolf and Maiden Inn), always vocal advocates for the townsfolk on the council, have organised local growers and merchants to raise funds for a local Adventurer’s Guildhall. Weary of the ever-growing threat from bandits, humanoids and monstrous woodland denizens, the townsfolk hope that adventurers from Silvershoal will help restore safety to the forest for those who live there. Retired adventurer Gurn Greyboot, a dignified and amicable rogue of wide experience and sad fortunes, has agreed to oversee the enterprise for a nominal monthly stipend and his permanent board at the Wolf & Maiden.

Unfortunately, Grudd Crimcooper, ever unfriendly to adventurers, has set the price of cut stone at three times any sane price. Unswayed, the townsfolk have ordered the stone from Silvershoal. Adventurers were brought in to escort this stone, and with the first shipment having recently arrived, construction is now under way.

G: Stables

H: Townhall

I: Whiteoak Sawmill Sawmill1 About the mill The Whiteoak Sawmill is a large building of solid oak construction, with a much older stone foundation that is all that remains of the previous mill. The mill runs six days a week during daylight hours, although there has been a push by some to keep the mill open seven days and during the evening, which has so far been met by strong resistance from many townsfolk.

The mill burned down a few years ago, but luckily Modron Borgenz generously bought out the previous owner and rebuilt. The mill is now run by a competent and obedient hired miller. Around a third of the permanent townsfolk work at the mill, cutting the rough timber that is logged upstream so it can be transported to Silvershoal via barge and (the soon to be constructed) road.

There is a ghost story attached to the mill; ledgend has it that a worker killed in a milling accident never got a proper burial because they could not find all of his remains, and “Half-Headed Harry” still searches in death for the other half of his head. The story is most likely superstitious guff, but that does not explain the flickering candlelight that can be seen from the uppermost window on some nights…

J: Wolf and Maiden Inn Wolf and maidenweb2 Appearance The Wolf and Maiden is an interesting bit of architecture due to it being built inside the remains of a giant Whiteoak – the only remaining one to survive logging in the area. The tree is long dead, but is still sound due to many layers of lacquer and paint added over the years. As the town expanded, the need for accommodation grew, so the Wolf and Maiden has seen a variety of log buildings attached, giving the inn a ramshackle, thrown together feel. The interiors are warm and rustic, with rough cut wood, cheery fires and trophy heads featuring strongly. There are 5 rooms available for rent, with one on permanent secondment to Gurn Greyboot, retired adventurer and entrepreneur.

Clientele The Wolf and Maiden is the only drinking hole in Whiteoak, and as such sees a steady trade of loggers, miners, townsfolk, merchant and travellers. The place is generally a quiet place to enjoy a simple meal and ale, but can become rowdy when a logging crew or miners come into town with wages to spend.

The patroness of the Wolf and Maiden (Olgia Wildflame) is simply the latest in a long line of Wildflames that have run the inn. She is a big boned, matronly type of middle years who despite her friendly nature has been known to physically throw out patrons who do not respect her establishment.

NPCs of Note

Gurn Greyboot

Modron Borgenz

Medreg Bogenz

Mother Grindella

Smedley Panhandle


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