Waning Fortunes

H6 Jack's Lair

The party has abducted Madame Jade and begins her interrogation, during this time they discover that Jack has an underground lair beneath the Fairwinds Playhouse. The party search the nearby sewers for an entrance to no avail, but instead are hunted down by two hired assassins – A mage named Artak and his barbarian companion Grok Bloodhunter.

A bloody fight ensues that sees Grok pieced through and only Jinx and Artak left standing. Artak asks to parley, and swears that he will leave the city with Grok and never take a bounty on them again if they spare Grok’s life. The parties agree and go their separate ways, but not before the heroes take some of the hired killer’s most precious items.

In the days that proceed, the party lick their wounds and continue to interrogate Jade. Remembering a handkerchief that they recovered from Jack’s coach many weeks ago when they robbed it, the party show this to Jade and get their first lucky break – the item belongs to Jade’s second in command and Jade immediately becomes furious, thinking that Jack has been seeing her behind Jade’s back (which happens to be true). The party play on her suspicions, making her believe that Jack has not mounted a rescue effort to save her because he has replaced her with the younger, more comely Carlotta. Eventually Jade does a deal with the party to help them enter Jacks Lair if they let her go. She is true to her word, returning to the Playhouse and clearing the way for them to go down below.

After navigating the subterranean passages beneath the Playhouse’s kitchen, the party fight there way into Jack’s Lair.



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